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Wa-Wa Kenya

Beauty Parlour

A unique training and mentoring programme for ten young fisher women to start an enterprise in Beauty & Hairdressing. Wa-Wa’s approach ensures sustainability and has already supported 500 young women in Homa Bay in successful soap-making, fashion design and fish-farming businesses. 

  • Local solution
    A unique training and mentoring programme for ten young fisher women to start an enterprise in Beauty & Hairdressing in Homa Bay, which is a popular business, because many Kenyan women visit such a beauty shop weekly.

    This is a solution much needed for the teenage mothers Wa-Wa Kenya works for. Trainees will be recruited from marginalized rural areas in Homa Bay County. Many of these girls and young women who grow up here don’t complete formal school due to social-cultural-economic issues and live below $1.90 dollars per day. In addition, around Lake Victoria there are limited job opportunities.  And poverty forces many women to engage in transactional sex for fish, to secure a share of the daily catch.  The region has a HIV prevalence of 26% (around 5 times higher than the national prevalence). This has resulted in too many deaths form AIDs-related diseases, orphaned children and child-headed families. Wa-Wa’s approach ensures sustainability and has already supported 500 young women in successful soap-making, fashion design and fish-farming businesses.  One of the successes of the approach is the mentoring up to one year.

    Lives improved

    10 women are equipped with both soft and technical skills of running a Beauty Parlour. Immediately after the 3-months training, the women will start earning an income. In addition, 50 family members of the 10 new businesswomen benefit from the increased income. An income good enough to cater for their basic needs, and that of their children – like healthy food, health care and school fees – and their families. After a year they may decide to start their own business. It is expected that 8 out of ten women will manage to earn at least Ksh400 (or €3.10) per day, which lifts them out of extreme poverty.

    Community impact
    Longer-term, we see from experience that an additional number of around 10 women will get employment through the new entrepreneurs.
    Ultimately, women will be able to protect their children from engaging in social vices like transactional sex for fish when they grow up. Overall, contributing to less poverty and more jobs contribute to end transactional sex and thus to reduce HIV incidences.

    The budget for the following activities is Ksh 1,051,612 (or €8,118). The donations will be used to:

    • 3-month residential training for 5 women on beauty treatments and hairdressing. (Jun-Aug)
    • 3-month of gaining working experience in Wa Wa’s own Beauty Parlor and mentoring. (Sept-Nov)
    • Graduation (Dec)
    • Then another 5 women start the 3-month residential training and 3-month of working experience and mentoring (Dec-Feb; and March-May) and graduate in June.
    • Wa Wa and the trainees then decide to work in shifts of teams of 5, or to start another Beauty Parlour in a different community. (Jun)
    • For project sustainability strategy, trainees will be encouraged to join a table banking scheme. Table banking is a platform where women can access loans in the form of a start-up kit with materials, or a small loan in money for their businesses. The interest accrued will be used for the expansion and growth of their group and businesses.
    • 5% to iMPACT direct for facilitating direct donations to local solutions (which helps to cover costs of the website, promotion and proposal writing, costs if financial services and the support to NGOs)

    Costs thus include trainers’ fees, training equipment, meals for the beneficiaries during training and certification and for Monitoring & Evaluation efforts. WaWa’s own contribution is the full time staff to the project.

  • Local solution realised
    Lives improved
    Community impact realised


  • Risper is deaf and dumb and a single mother of three. Today she runs a beauty shop. She seems to be enjoying what she does. Risper will be among those trainers who will be training and offering mentorship program for the 10 selected women. Already in 2020, she attended a pilot training. But by then Wa Wa did not define an exit strategy for trainees, for instance by supporting them to have their own business. She then approached Cavin (director of Wa Wa) and requested if the organisation could afford to pay for her hairdressing and beauty course. Through our network we could support Risper to start and complete her training in 2021.

    Project Details

    • Project
      Beauty Parlour
    • Campaign
    • NGO
      Wa-Wa Kenya
    • Location
    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • No Poverty | Quality Education
    • Start date
      June 1, 2022
    • End date
      June 1, 2023
    • Total amount raised
      € 496
    • Lives improved
    • Community iMPACT

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    Wa-Wa Kenya

    Wa-Wa is a fisher women academy with an aim of bringing equality in the society through economic empowerment of women and girls. Training vulnerable young women in entrepreneurship, so that they can determine the course of their lives and achieve their potential, is the core business of Wa-Wa Kenya.

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