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About iMPACT direct

Our Vision

Imagine how much more impact can be made in development aid, if locally-led NGOs would receive more than the current 2% of the global aid budget!

These locally-led NGOs are the first to respond and last to leave, and are responsible for most of the impact in development cooperation. And so, when local NGOs have increased access to funding, and when they can build their organisational capacities – AND have decision-making power over both – it means that the aid sector can create more impact in less time for less budget.

In our work we do exactly that. We support locally-led African NGOs to gain better access to funds and provide them with opportunities to showcase their expertise and to strengthen their organisations. Unconditional grants allow locally-led NGOs to have the decision-making power over their own strategies. Together with the trust-based partnerships we build with NGOs, we believe they can perform at their best.

Team iMPACT direct

Inemarie Dekker

Social Entrepreneur / Consultant
Role with iMPACT
Co-founder & Chair since June 2020

“I am passionate about developing social solutions with the people concerned and realising our ideas – as a team. With iMPACT direct, we show a living example of how the development sector can create more impact.”

Richard Yeboah

Representative West Africa
Director MDF West Africa
Role with iMPACT
Co-Founder & Treasurer since August 2020

“I always seek to develop capacity and train entrepreneurs and NGOs to pay it forward, while putting social impact at the forefront of everything I do. Being part of iMPACT direct is a natural course in my journey of contributing towards a sustainable, equitable society.”

Nicky Wakou

Communications Manager
Manager Géant
Role with iMPACT
Co-Founder & Secretary since February 2021

“I am passionate about international development and how to make it work for all. Being part of iMPACT direct is a natural progression to achieve a fairer, collaborative global community and disrupt the status quo by adding more seats to the decision-making table.”

Wanjiku Jean Munyaka

Representative East Africa
Partnership Development Microsoft
Role with iMPACT
Representative East Africa in Board since June 2022

“I am an ICT leader with over 12 years’ experience working for Technology vendors in multiple industries throughout Africa. Over the last 2 years I have been engaged in Technology for Social Impact supporting Nonprofits in Africa adopt software to achieve mission impact to digitally transform the sector.”

Martha Mwangi

NGO Relations & Finance
Role with iMPACT
Team member

“With my passion to serve humanity and a strong belief in giving everyone choices and resources to reach their goals, being part of iMPACT direct fills me with great enthusiasm to develop social solutions. At iMPACT direct, we believe in lasting impact through working with local expertise in provision of successful local solutions.”


Integrity & Complaints

Trust and transparency between our NGOs, partners and donors is at the heart of our integrity policy. That’s why our team has regular contact with everyone we collaborate with – face to face and online. If you do suspect any misconduct, then please report it confidently through

This email address can also be used to report integrity issues and complaints.